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How College Students are Fighting Campus Rape with Art, Humor, and the Guerrilla Gurls

  This article is a cross-post promotion written by Katrina Majkut for Bust.com. It was originally posted on May 31, 2016.  All images via Guerrilla Girls and Guerrilla Girls Broadband. “Art can seem like an unlikely effective activist strategy in places like colleges that can be bogged down by bureaucracy. Though art curator, Heather Zises […]

Art and Seeking Launches Exclusive Street Artwork for Sale

Your favorite art on the streets won’t last forever, but thanks to Los Angeles-based street art tour company Art and Seeking, you can now treasure similar work by street artists forever in your home!  This summer, Art and Seeking announces the release of its online gallery of exclusive works by some of Los Angeles’ most significant street artists, including: Colette Miller, Thrashbird, Plin, Christina Angelina and Paige […]