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How College Students are Fighting Campus Rape with Art, Humor, and the Guerrilla Gurls

  This article is a cross-post promotion written by Katrina Majkut for Bust.com. It was originally posted on May 31, 2016.  All images via Guerrilla Girls and Guerrilla Girls Broadband. “Art can seem like an unlikely effective activist strategy in places like colleges that can be bogged down by bureaucracy. Though art curator, Heather Zises […]


This fall, READart’s Heather Zises was invited to be the first Guest Curator on artist social media platform Verni. Guest Curators select three artists and explain their impact in today’s society. Heather’s curatorial theme for Verni’s new feature is “Subversionary Misses”. This theme has an intentional double meaning. “Subversionary Misses” refers to female artists who are making art (in any media) […]

RANY Collaboration with CultureHorde and AKArt during Frieze NY 2014

    A beautiful thank you to Amy Kisch, Founder and CEO of AKArt for inviting RANY to join forces with her curatorial team and CultureHorde at the vernissage of Frieze NY 2014! We enjoyed leading collector groups around the third edition of the fair and visiting a wide range of galleries (which were selected by AKArt). […]