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On Morna and Morebeza: Reflections of Cabo Verde

Last month I spent three weeks in the Cape Verde Islands, Africa. While I was in “Cabo Verde” –as the locals call it — I established a partnership with two different art initiatives to co-curate two separate exhibitions. My first project, Shades of Morna, was in collaboration with international design outfit Sabura Art + Design. The exhibition featured […]

Collaborations in Cabo Verde: Art Across the Atlantic

Greetings from Cabo Verde, Africa! RANY has been engaging in fantastic collaborations on another continent with artists, curators and diplomats.  Below are previews for two upcoming shows that deserve international recognition!    +++++++++++++++ iSolAIR launches Artist Residency Program in Cabo Verde with Inaugural Solo Exhibition “Agora: Fantasia (Part 1)“ Featuring New Works by American Artist Peter D. Gerakaris […]