This fall, READart’s Heather Zises was invited to be the first Guest Curator on artist social media platform Verni. Guest Curators select three artists and explain their impact in today’s society.

Heather’s curatorial theme for Verni’s new feature is “Subversionary Misses”. This theme has an intentional double meaning. “Subversionary Misses” refers to female artists who are making art (in any media) that is considered subversive and/or addresses subversive topics. “Subversionary Misses” also points to subversive art that is made by females but is largely ignored by society.

Heather chose to feature Ann Lewis aka gilf!, Alonsa Guevara and Anne Mourier from the Verni platform, because they each display a strong command of their medium and also express a unique and empowered voice through their practice.

Click here to see Heather’s curatorial picks!


gilf! is a pioneer in her field as she represents one of NYC’s most recognized and provocative female street artists in a predominantly male scene.


Alonsa Guevara’s vivid paintings provide a contemporary spin on Pre-Raphaelite-esque compositions through a bold exploration of female archetypes and concepts of beauty.


Anne Mourier’s delicate constructions of textiles and miniatures challenge contemporary conceptions of femininity whose roots can be traced all the way back to the Renaissance.