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PRAIA, CABO VERDE, April 8th 2014 — Sabura Art & Design is launching its debut project with the grand opening and inaugural exhibition entitled “Shades of Morna”. Produced and curated by Lisa Faye Hames, the exhibition is a visual celebration of musicians and dancers of Cabo Verde with a selection of photographs by Joe Wuerfel and objects by local artisans. Located at Cinema da Praia (on Praça Luís de Camões in Plateau), the exhibition will run during the 2014 edition of the AME (Atlantic Music Expo) and the Kriol Jazz Festival. The works will be on view from April 8th through 20th, from 15h00-19h00 daily and then from April 20th through June 30th, from 15h00-19h00, Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 9h00-12h30, on Saturdays. The opening reception will be held at the venue on Tuesday, April 8th from 17h00-20h00, followed by a private closing reception on Saturday, April 12th starting at 22h00 with the organizers and musicians of the Kriol Jazz Festival. From May 15th through June 30th a selection of photographs will also be on view at the Pestana Trópco Hotel in Praia. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to Instituto Cabo-verdiano da Criança e do Adolescente (ICCA).

The title of the exhibition Shades of Morna celebrates the Cabo Verdean psyche and expresses snapshots of Cabo Verdean moments that form a Gestalt for the viewer that permeates music and rhythm. In addition, Shades of Morna seeks to capture kriol Zeitgeist, a unique fusion of cultures and juxtaposition of people that result in truly original art form. Cesaria Evora, whose musical legacy encompassed poignant and lilting ballads, transported and introduced mornas from the West African archipelago to a worldwide audience. Lisa Faye Hames, exhibition curator and founder of Sabura Art & Design, notes, “My vision for Shades of Morna is to promote visual art in the Cabo Verdean community through the beloved and universal medium of music. I felt strongly that Wuerfel’s portraits of local musicians and dancers expressed this sentiment. Additionally, by integrating a curated selection of local artisan objects to the exhibition, Sabura Art & Design introduces a diverse range of local talent, which will be deepened and developed in the coming months.”

The photographic series featured in Shades of Morna is driven by Wuerfel’s love for Cabo Verde and its diverse culture. From images of the revered chanteuse Cesaria Evora to local dancers and artisans, Wuerfel’s compositions portray a sensibility that is unique to Cabo Verde.

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ABOUT JOE WUERFEL German photographer Joe Wuerfel has been documenting the globe through his lens for nearly three decades. Starting his career as a lifestyle photographer, Wuerfel fine-tuned his craft by apprenticing with established artists like Brett Weston and Jean Loup Sieff. After many successful years spent working on renowned international fashion and advertising campaigns, the artist relocated to Cabo Verde in the 1980’s and began making series of African social landscapes. Wuerfel has visited many remote areas in continental Africa where he has recorded expressive compositions of tribal lifestyles. His works have been published in several art books, including Sensual Africa, and Cabo Verde and have been featured in numerous photo art calendars (for which Wuerfel has received awards from Kodak and The Graphic Club-Germany). Wuerfel’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including Fraenkel Gallery (San Francisco, CA); Rizzoli (New York, NY); Weston Gallery (Carmel, CA); Ettore Sottsass (Milano, Italy); Nikon Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland) and Zeropoint Art Gallery (Mindelo, Cabo Verde). Wuerfel lives in Mindelo, Cabo Verde and Zurich, Switzerland.

ABOUT SABURA ART & DESIGN Founded by Lisa Faye Hames, Sabura Art & Design is a concept space that features a curated selection of art and design objects by local artists and artisans of Cabo Verde. Functioning as both an exhibition venue and a retail space, Sabura Art & Design will partner and collaborate with local talent to produce existing and new lines of artisan objects thereby promoting, supporting and cultivating a community of Cabo Verdean artists. By fostering a creative environment, Sabura Art & Design aspires to bolster the cultural capital and strengthen the livelihood of local artisans through socio-economic and environmental sustainable development.

ABOUT LISA FAYE HAMES Sabura Art & Design founder and curator Lisa Faye Hames earned her B.A. in Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Following her studies, Hames gained significant design experience in New York City working as a Creative Director at Hearst Publications where she managed, supervised and executed all design and the brand identity for the following renowned lifestyle and fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Town & Country. Embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Hames then launched a multidisciplinary design boutique in Brooklyn, NY, Purple Purple Design Utopia and then in Luxembourg, both focusing on fresh ideas and innovative design solutions for a wide array of clients including: Vogue, Rolling Stone, Citigroup, Mercedes, Johnson & Johnson and Lancôme. Since 2012, Hames has lived in Praia, Cabo Verde with her husband and two daughters.

(READ)art's founder Heather Zises pointing to circular logo on Shades of Morna exhibition poster at Cinema da Praia

(READ)art’s founder Heather Zises pointing to circular logo on Shades of Morna exhibition poster at Cinema da Praia

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