Featured Artist: Grayson Cox, April 2018

Featured Artist: Charles Heppner, March, 2018

Featured Artist: Angela Hennessy February 2018


Windows on the World: Ventana Series by Peter D. Gerakaris January 2018


Featured Artists: Collect For Change January 2018


Featured Artist: Mollie McKinley December 2017

From Concept to Production: An Evening with Alison Beatty Cook Dance November 2017


Featured Artist: Musa Hixson November 2017


Featured Artist: Melissa Murray October 2017


Featured Artist: Peter Gerakaris June 2017


Featured Artist: Xin Song May 2017


Featured Artist: Charles McGill March 2017


Featured Artist: Danielle Mourning December 2016


Featured Artist: Tra Bouscaren October 2016


Pre-New Reflective, Moray Hillary Summer 2016


Featured Artist: Sean Fader June 2016
sean-fader PORTRAIT


Featured Artist: Alex Nuñez May 2016
Alex Nuñez, Coming down


Selfish, Curated by Akeem Duncan of Quiet Lunch Spring 2016


Truth Booth, Summer 2015


Art and Seeking Launches Exclusive Street Art for Sale Summer 2015Collette Miller


Luminous Poem, Airan Kang at Bryce Wolkowitz Summer 2015
Airan Kang, Luminous Poem, Luminous Poem, Traditional Stitched Bookbinding, photo credit- Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery


Intimate Transgressions Project To Debut at Whitebox Summer 20153666165_orig


Cornell Tech Debuts Peter D. Gerakaris’ Tropicália Summer 2015
PDG in Tropicalia


Michelle Hartney’s MOTHER’S RIGHT Installation + Performance Spring 2015Mother's Right montage


WORLD PREMIERE: Sacred-Profane by Nouveau Classical Project Spring 2015DAY 3 STILL


AKArt + Foliocue Celebrate Launch of The Excellent People Winter 2015The EP-AKArt-FolioCue


On the Corner of Public and Private on the LES Winter 2015
Alarm Amann- detail3


Unconventional Convention: The Outsider Art Fair Winter 2015
oaf nyc 2015-1


Celebrity Crush: Portraits by Math-You Namie Fall 2014


Hymn of the Big Wheel: Revuen Israel Takes His Art for A Spin Fall 2014Multipolarity- Reuven Israel-Installation shot 2-HZ


Do Ho Suh: There’s No Place Like Home Fall 2014
Do Ho Suh-Lehmann Maupin Gallery


Nir Hod: Creating Light Amidst the Dark Fall 2014
NH-I Always Want to Be Remebered In Your Heart-detail


Myth of the Sugar Sphinx: Kara Walker’s Bittersweet Opus Summer 2014KW interior- marvelous sugar baby-


On Language: Kay Rosen’s New Text-Based Works Summer 2014Parrot_KR


Potential Energies: A New Modern Ballet at BAM Spring 2014
Potential Energies poster designed by Mad Anthony; Group photo by Mickey Hoelscher.

On Morna and Morebeza: Reflections of Cape Verde, Africa Spring 2014
JW-Nella with Hands

New Art City: Armory Arts Week Preview Spring 2014

whitney biennial 2014


Art Matters! at Bergdorf Goodman for NYC Fashion Week Winter 2014BERGDORF GOODMAN Art Matters! Hosted by Linda Fargo and Kyle DeWoody


Spotted! Painters on Mars…Fall 2013
painting impossible flyer


A Fierce Bliss Swells in the Church of St. Paul the Apostle Fall 2013
Realm, 2013


Laughing All the Way to the Banksy Fall 2013
Banksy's controversial new stencil graffiti of two policemen kissing London, England - 12.05.05 Credit: Steve Spiller / WENN


FABnyc Festival: Amanda Browder Fall 2013
Good Morning-installation shot


Outside In: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition Fall 2013
Outside In-announcement


Outlaws in A House of Leaves Fall 2013
House of Leaves page


Dieu Donne Annual Benefit and Auction Fall 2013


Station to Station Fall 2013


Every Bodega in Manhattan Summer 2013
Harlem bodega


Rockefeller Shank, Ugo Rondione Public Art Summer 2013

Back in Black, Vincent Como’s Paradise Lost at Minus Space Summer 2013Vincent Como, Paradise Lost


Collectors and Commissions: A New Perspective, Tim Kent and Lavon Kellner Spring 2013
Nicholson, Kent and Kellner


Frieze Week NY Spring 2013


A Chorus of Color: Sanford Wurmfeld Retrospective at Hunter College and Minus Space Spring 2013
Sanford Wurmfeld: Color Visions 1966-2013, Hunter College


Cornell AAP 4th Annual Art Studio Tour, NYC Spring 2013
John Ahearn Studio Visit 15


Scoping Out the Goods at SCOPE NYC Spring 2013


Flight of the Bumblebee Winter 2013 essay for forthcoming catalogue for new works by Peter D. Gerakaris


A Galactic Botanic Voyage, Winter 2013 essay for forthcoming catalogue for new works by Peter D. Gerakaris


From C to Shining C: In and Around C, by Mad Mohre and The Nouveau Classical Project Fall 2012


Save the Ink for Tattoos, There’s a New Bard in Town: Paul Chan, Badlands Fall 2012



Gina Freschet: A Monograph Spring 2008
Gina Freschet, Lemon Head, 2011


Serial Portraiture, Pop Culture: An Homage to Warhol Fall 2007 catalogue essay
Andy Warhol, Ethel Scull



Serial Photography Pop Culture: An Homage to Warhol Fall 2007 catalogue essay
Andy Warhol, Skeletons, 1987


Visual Connections: A History of the Moving Image Fall 2006 catalogue essayChip Lord, Movie Map SF03, 2003