PE promo NCP SP '14

Last night RANY joined a formidable group of dancers, designers, musicians and critics to watch a work in progress at BAM Fisher by The Nouveau Classical Project entitled Potential Energies.  Conceived and directed by NCP Artistic Director Sugar Vendil (who is also in the piece), choreographed by Barbie Diewald and composed by Trevor Gureckis the project delivers a modern twist on ballet in which musicians transcend their conventional roles. Inspired by the emerging adulthood of the Millennial Generation, the arduous journey of artists, hope and rude awakenings, Potential Energies is a daring undertaking by artists who are not only creating this work but are also living it each day.

To read a review of last night’s work in progress, please (yes you should 🙂 click here for the NCP blog.

I highly recommend watching the trailer (you must!) for Potential Energies on NCP’s Kickstarter page.