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Joanna Demkiewicz, Kaylen Ralph and Heather Zises to Guest Edit Women’s Edition of Fjords

October 2, 2014- Fjords Review announces guest editors Joanna Demkiewicz, Kaylen Ralph and curator Heather Zises to edit the upcoming Women’s Edition of Fjords to premiere on Fjords new app editions in Fall 2015. Demkiewicz and Ralph, founding editors of The Riveter, will select poetry, short stories, and other literary items. Zises, (READ)art founder, will select artwork for Fjords. The special edition of Fjords will feature authors and artists who identify themselves as women. Submissions open on October 2, 2014 and close on March 31, 2015.
Women writers and artists may submit 3-5 poems, short stories, essays and other literary work. Up to 5 pieces of artwork and single videos of spoken word or other performance arts are accepted for inclusion in Fjords new app editions in Summer 2015. Please include all work in one document with a cover letter as the first page and include cover letter in the provided space for art and video. Guidelines are available at