Fjords Women's Edition 2015

Fjords Women’s Edition 2015 is now live!!

For the next month, Fjords celebrates women by making this special edition available to everyone for free. Thank you to guest editors Joanna Demkiewicz and Kaylen Ralph of The Riveter for choosing AMAZING literary pieces, and congratulations to all of the female artists and writers whose FABULOUS WORK has been featured in this special edition 🙂

Download your free copy here today!!!

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Allie Pohl | Allison L. Wade | Alyse Rosner | Amanda Browder | Danielle Mourning | Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata | Kate Gilmore | Lia Chavez | Michelle Hartney | Negar Behbahani Sandra Mack-Valencia | Xin Song