Beyonce, Math-You Namie

Beyonce, Math-You Namie

A new exhibition of fresh works by Math-You Namie and Tim Jarosz are currently on view at The Refinery Hotel, a sophisticated New York City boîte located in Midtown.  Presented by Indiewalls, the exhibition will run through December 2014 in the hotel’s central arteries. The partnership between Indiewalls and The Refinery Hotel underscores the hotel’s commitment to remain a cultural ambassador for its guests and to support the artistic community. The exhibition was curated to compliment The Refinery’s thoughtful, sophisticated design (by Stonehill and Taylor), and invites art enthusiasts to peruse the hotel’s impressive design elements and fine art collection throughout the property.

Artist Math-You Namie has a flair for depicting pop icons in a casual, graffiti style, while simultaneously paying tribute to their mesmerizing characters. Executed in an array of unorthodox mediums like bleach, self tanner and coffee grounds, Namie’s edgy celebrity portraits captivate the viewer with their gritty glamour. The paintings compliment the aesthetic of The Refinery so well that they easily could have been commissioned exclusively for the space. Installed above turn-of-the-century telephones and flanked between two modern red leather chairs, Namie’s tableaus accentuate the perennial balance between old and new. Tim Jarosz’s color photographs provide a natural counterbalance for Namie’s raw portraits.  His series highlights the expansive sensibility of the city through emblems of transport like grafittied VW vans, subway cars, and densely stacked buildings. Possessing a modernist bent, Jarosz’s eclectic and colorful images present an exciting contrast to the hotel’s interior designs. His photos practically blink like neon lights against the stark, black wood walls upon which they are installed.



Van, Tim Jarosz

Van, Tim Jarosz



Math-You Namie: Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Namie is a graduate of Hunter College and resides in New York City. His work has sold at Sotheby’s three times within the past three years, and he has been featured in GLAAD’s Art Auction and Benefit as well as the Media Awards in New York and LA every year since 2005. Namie has donated work to several chapters of the Human Rights Campaign throughout the country for the past decade. His work portrays a sense of effortless movement and ease through his use of textiles, materials and hand-painting with acrylics. His technique is figurative, employing negative space to graphically reproduce the subjects. Namie’s work can be found at:

Tim Jarosz: Born and raised in Chicago Illinois,  Jarosz received a BFA in graphic design from Eastern Illinois University. After achieving a career as a graphic designer for studios in and around his home city, he shifted his focus to professional photography He now uses both design and photography equally in his work, and both play a crucial part in creating his signature style. He is an internationally-published artist and has shown his work in galleries around the country. He has started and runs The Studio 312, an art collective and gallery featuring local artists. Jarosz’s work can be found at:

The artwork on display can be found at:



Tailored luxury, styled by history, sophisticated at every turn… That’s the blueprint for Refinery – A New York Hotel, the latest addition to Manhattan’s increasingly glorious Boutique Hotel scene. It’s a particularly apt name, for Refinery has truly refined the Boutique Hotel concept: instead of edgy quirk of dubious charm, guests will find a welcome brand of thoughtful, eclectic and intelligent design that layers cues from the past with tremendous contemporary flair.



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