Collette Miller

Your favorite art on the streets won’t last forever, but thanks to Los Angeles-based street art tour company Art and Seeking, you can now treasure similar work by street artists forever in your home!  This summer, Art and Seeking announces the release of its online gallery of exclusive works by some of Los Angeles’ most significant street artists, including: Colette MillerThrashbirdPlinChristina Angelina and Paige Smith (aka A Common Name). Art and Seeking has partnered with select street artists–encouraging them to explore a different medium for the first time–and produced street-inspired work that is finally available in a format that can be displayed in the home. 

For more information please contact Lizy Dastin at or visit Art and Seeking’s website at For all press inquiries please contact Nisha Bedi at

ABOUT ART AND SEEKING: Founded by art history professor and street art documentarian Lizy Dastin, Art and Seeking offers exclusive, one-of-a kind access to Los Angeles’ public spaces and the art that inhabits those spaces.  Art and Seeking rewires how the individual interacts with public art, connects to environments in a meaningful way, and discovers work outside elitist walls of the museum. The company offers insider access to well-researched information relating to Los Angeles’ public art scene, as well as in-person bespoke tours, pre-recorded tours which can be downloaded and purchased anytime, smartphone-audioguide capabilities, and special events.