March 2018 Featured Artist: FIONA ABOUD

Fiona Aboud, Cubist Reflection, Imperception Series, 2015, Digital inkejt print mounted onto plexi, Edition of 10, 14″ x 18″.

Brazilian-American artist Fiona Aboud came to photography through a love for people, culture and a fascination for how we perceive ourselves and the world.  Her practice is inspired by photographers like Edward Curtis, who documented select groups of people whose culture was in danger of disappearing, such as Native Americans. This mind set inspired Aboud to create projects that preserve cultures through photography, such as Queens of Carnival and Sikhs: An American Portrait. More recently, Aboud’s compositions have pivoted toward abstraction, in order to address narratives about self perception and identity.  With her Imperception Series, she creates a visual allegory for our distorted self-perception by using a projected image into water and then photographing that projection. Aboud’s work has been exhibited both locally and internationally, and has been published in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine among others. Aboud lives and works in New York City.