December 2017 Featured Artist: MOLLIE MCKINLEY

Mollie McKinley, Pineapple Liturgy I, 2017, archival inkjet print, 32” x 40”

Mollie McKinley is a feminist interdisciplinary sculptor, performer, photographer, and writer. Her work is rooted in mysticism, intersectional feminism, and ecology/geology. McKinley looks to where sculpture and image-making converge, as she draws upon traditions of the land art movement, Hermetic models of philosophical alchemy, and experimental cinema. With process and transformation as the origin of her practice, McKinley views all materialssalt, gold, tropical fruit, plastics, urban debrisas holding elements of the alchemical tradition. Current projects include Salt Monoliths, a series of salt sculptures set atop rough-hewn pine plinths and marble slabs, and Priestess, a photographic study set in American landscapes featuring women in liminal states of unknowing and metaphysical anxiety through gestures of absurd confidence and stoic waiting. McKinley studied photography and filmmaking at Bard College, and lives and works in Hudson Valley and Manhattan.