March 2019 Spotlight Artist: FIONA ABOUD

Fiona Aboud, Red X

To learn more about Fiona, check out her current feature in Pregame Magazine.

Brazilian-American artist Fiona Aboud creates images rooted in photography that are inspired by painting and natural elements. Aboud’s lyrical and humanistic style frees the imagination while challenging issues of perception, multiculturalism and stereotypes.

Aboud’s practice is influenced by photographers like Edward Curtis who documented Native Americans whose culture was in danger of disappearing. This mindset influenced Aboud to create projects that preserve cultures through photography, such as Sikhs: An American Portrait. Inspired by hate crimes and American realist painters explore what it means to be American and examine the human prejudice of physical differences. This series received numerous awards from American Photography, grants from the Sikh Foundation, was exhibited at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C and acquired for the Microsoft Collection.

Her show at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle in May 2018 explored the central character she created from the cartoons of Vishvijit Singh. Inspired by Singh’s cartoons, she encouraged him to dress up as Captain America, which led to his persona becoming an internet sensation.  His image and messages of tolerance are used in classrooms around the country to teach cultural understanding to school children.

More recently, Aboud’s work has pivoted toward abstraction to address narrative about self-perception and identity. With her Imperception Series, she creates a visual allegory for our distorted self-perception by projecting an image into water and then photographing the projection. Aboud collaborates with water to create a decisive moment infused with energy from our physical world.