November 2017 Featured Artist: KAREN JERZYK

Karen Jerzyk, “Kitchen”, 2016, digital photograph.

Karen Jerzyk is a self-taught photographer who documents subjects in abandoned buildings, fabricated environments and rustic nature.  Using ornate costumes, elaborate scenery and intense color, Jerzyk presents surreal compositions that read like unforgettable ghost stories. Often the subject of her own narratives, Jerzyk’s unsettling self-portraits allow the viewer an abbreviated glimpse into her personal journeys and struggles throughout life. Many of her photos embody the feeling of “future-past”, that is, imagery that is seemingly futuristic yet vintage in nature. Jerzyk’s best known series are Last Days of Earth and Color, mainly for their haunting interpretations of a dystopian world. Jerzyk regularly travels throughout the US for photo projects, and her work has been internationally published in multiple publications, including Buzzfeed, Harper’s Bazaar, Juxtapoz, Shape, Artscope Magazine, Cosmopolitan (AUS), iTunes,, MSN. com and USA Art News. Jerzyk graduated with a BA in English from the University of New Hampshire in 2003.