Wall Bearer-GilmoreDustin Yellin"Album Cover" with Ai Weiwei at Fake Compound, BeijingBERGDORF GOODMAN Art Matters! Hosted by Linda Fargo and Kyle DeWoodyJohn Ahearn Studio Visit 15Franklin SirmansSpace InvaderNH-I Always Want to Be Remebered In Your Heart-detailSelf_With_Basquiat-762x1024in control 4kim soojado ho suh103.-perception-is-reality_670Gail-Victoria-FeatureHZ-CL IE openingParrot_KRAllie_Pohl-IdealWoman_ChromeFuscia_FrontIMG_2444peter-d-gerakaris-tropicalia-rouge-art-legging-DSC_8434-2500pxKaren-Mainenti-PeepsIMG_2060Beyonce-Math-YouZhi Xisacred-profamepammEsther Naor, How Far Would You Run with a Piece of Lead in Your Heart?IMG_7714 IMG_6058Airan Kang, Luminous Poem, Scrolled Books, photo credit- Bryce Wolkowitz GalleryAllison L. Wade Costa Rica-low resELLE_portraitIMG_7583Good Morning-installation shotbreast friendsbjork gov ballAA Twinsmat and jrwu ji'anJean-Michel-BasquiatKW interior- marvelous sugar baby-IMG_5600Before-AfterJean Paul Gaultiermaya hayuk bowery mural detailed ruscha words without thoughtsIMG_7818Collette Miller