May 2018 Spotlight Artist: DEBORAH BROWN

Deborah Brown, Diana and Actaeon, 2018, oil on canvas, 77″ x 88″

Painter Deborah Brown explores themes and motifs from Classical Greek art and literature, with a feminist twist. Using female subjects as main characters in her compositions, Brown casts women in roles usually dominated by men. Throughout her paintings, female figures are found in various classical poses and settings that are an abstracted version of Arcadian landscapes and mythological environments. By inverting the notion of the male gaze, Brown redefines the stories of antiquity and women’s roles within such stories. Brown’s latest work, Chimeras (on view at Spoonbill Studio through June 3rd), both embraces and critiques the concept of the Chimera.  By reimagining narratives taken from mythology, religion, and literature, the artist places a powerful female figure at the center of these stories in which women are typically symbols of moral virtue or seductive evil, often held hostage by male desire to possess.  Brown is based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a neighborhood she helped pioneer as an artist and also where she started Storefront, one of the first artist-run galleries in the neighborhood. Brown has an MFA from Indiana University and a BA from Yale University. Her work is represented in New York by GEARY